Sustainable tourism in the Luberon

Le Clos des Lavandes participates in sustainable tourism in the Luberon. It adopts eco-friendly and supportive practices to minimize the environmental impact of its business and enhance the well-being of its guests.

Our garden features only native plant species from our region. This way, we can enjoy the flowers and trees typical of Provence, such as lavender, olive trees, cypresses, rosemary, thyme, and so on.

Guests can discover the rich biodiversity and the local environment of the region by joining hiking and cycling tours in the Luberon Regional Natural Park.

Discover the natural beauty of Provence and the Luberon with our tourist routes that are economical and ecological, and that respect sustainable tourism in the Luberon. You can explore the natural wonders of the region, such as the ocher hills of Provençal Colorado, and cultural sites, such as the Sénanque Abbey, among the experiences we offer our guests.

The establishment uses energy-efficient bulbs to lower its power usage. Motion detectors light up the garden.

The bathroom also has dispensers for hygiene products such as shower gel and soap.

Le Clos des Lavandes use ecological cleaning products for all washing operations to preserve water quality. We also prefer natural drying of laundry and educate our customers about reusing bathroom linen. We have installed eco-aerators on all our faucets and reduced the flow rate of faucets, toilet flushes and showers to the minimum necessary to save water. Since water is an increasingly scarce resource, we do not have a swimming pool.

We request our guests to follow the instructions displayed in each room to enjoy the Luberon climate. This includes closing windows and shutters during the day and opening them at night to cool the house naturally, without using air conditioning. The house is located in a very quiet area.